Ralph preparing eggs to take out to serve to our homeless population.

Ralph Reiss

“I have been a volunteer for the Love Transformation Project for about 4 years now.  Once a week, I help Calvin and other volunteers to feed homeless people under the College Street Bridge.  I have received much more in the way of love, friendships, and blessings than I have given of myself and my time.  I have also learned that people are homeless for many different reasons.  Some are sick, some have lost their way in life, and some are people who are bravely facing very difficult circumstances that are out of their control.  I hope I am learning to love them all.”

Shannon and her daughters Savannah and Sophia.

Shannon Shuckman

“Love transformation has done so much for me and my family. It’s allowed us to give back to the community. I have two little girls that because of this Organization has allowed them to be able to love people and see how people can be good even if they are homeless. It’s taught all of us not to judge because we don’t know what someone’s going through or has been through. We have a new family of people that on Sunday morning we go feed the homeless and we all look so forward to it. Savannah my oldest loves to pass out forks or syrup. Sophia does cereal every Sunday something we look forward to. This Organization has allowed me to see how much help there is out there for people who are willing to get it and who want something different.”

Beverly with Calvin Wooten (CEO) and her sister at one of our Christmas Outreaches.

Beverly Harris

“Volunteering with this group of people has been a pleasure.  Loving, caring, and giving are just a few words to describe them.”

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