Community Outreach and Success Stories

Through our resources, we have impacted the poverty line like no other by cultivating trusted relationships and consistently presenting communities and families in need with household supplies, food, clothing and resources beyond what most would consider basic. We not only meet the individual in these communities physical needs but also their emotional needs. Our message is, YOU ARE WORTH IT!  We tell them this by feeding a good quality meal.

LTP has provided approximately 2K to each family in resources.

Love Transformation Project Impact (per year, based on a 7 Year Measurement)

Poverty Demographics and Impact by Neighborhood in Louisville, KY

Homeless Population

Breakfast on College – LTP has served breakfast to the homeless community every Sunday morning for the past (6) years. We started by serving breakfast @ 2nd and Broadway and after Covid hit, we assisted the Salvation Army.  We now serve every Sunday under the College Street Bridge.

Our hard work and dedication is most evident in the homeless population. When LTP started ministering to this group in 2015 it was by far the most culturally devastated group of men and women in our city. Sexual assault was so common it was a social norm for the people living under bridges or in roadside tents. In 2019 we baptized 14 homeless men and women on Broadway and assisted 20 more people in the journey to long-term addiction recovery.

Investing in Our Youth

T-man (little brother) sitting on the bike his brother won for him at one of our basketball shootouts! We have eased some of the problems associated with parental addiction and the violence impacting the youth in these communities.

LTP has invested time and resources in several high crime and poverty-stricken areas of the city. We have eased some of the problems associated with parental addition and violence impacting the youth in these communities. We have donated an estimated $1.5 million into the community each year. More importantly, we have built solid relationships that allow us to minister at-will.

You can learn more about becoming a volunteer at Love Transformation Project here.

Addiction and Recovery

Roxeanne is over four years clean and off the street. She lives in her own apartment and chairs over half of our A.A. meetings.

LTP was the first in our city to develop addiction recovery-based meetings for the homeless population. For three years, we have held weekly meetings under the I-65 corridor. Regardless of the weather, the meetings go on. We are proud to say an average of 15 men or women have entered treatment centers as a result of our efforts.

Do you want to know more about how to support our addiction and recovery efforts? Support our mission here.